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From The Desk Of Andy Lanning
Boise, Idaho
Dear Office Expert, 

Or maybe you don't consider yourself an expert just yet, but by the end of my video training that I am giving you for free you may just find a little, tiny, piece of new expertise inside... Sound good?

Ok, my name is Andy and I have been fortunate enough (or not) to have been the person people have turned to whenever they have encountered a problem with their computer... 

I have spent twenty years or more doing this and one thing for sure is that I keep answering the same questions... In fact, I know that the questions you want to ask me right now are the same as other people have asked time and time again... 

In the free training video you will discover exactly how I teach my students and what I show them that will make their computer woes vanish in under 10 minutes, and I want to share this with you right now, for free, so that you can wave goodbye to the frustrations that I KNOW computers can cause... 

All you need to do to access my free training video is click the button below and you can get instant access. 

Please make sure you use a valid email address so that I can check in with you in a few days to see if you need more help...

Hopefully you will have moved forward by then?

Click the button below to get started! 

Kind Regards,

Andy L.
P.S. You can see some of the things people say about my training below. I really hope you like what I have for you... 
I am learning a lot that I wasn't aware of and I could have fixed my problem sooner. And the instructor is super great. She smiles, makes jokes; let just say she makes the course interesting. I wish I had opened this course a long time ago, my life would have been easier working in MS Word ... :D
Elena Moossa-Zahab, USA
Andy delivers this course brilliantly. She is a pleasure to listen to. The productivity tips are really useful!!!!
Sean Melvin, UK
Marvellous, just marvellous - I have learned something special during this course, Andy takes the mystery out of Excel formulas by using carefully planned lessons and examples. Well done!
Brian Wilson, UK
I am really loving Andy and her teaching style. Thank you for putting your time and effort into it, I am really getting something from them!
Pennie Elwood , USA
Breezy, well informed, informative and useful tips. I like her approach. She doesn't just accept everything the Microsoft engineers offer. Far from it. But she still manages to motivate you to use Excel to its limits.
Peter Hulm , USA
All though I know a little about Excel, Andy certainly increased my knowledge about Excel with things I never knew were there. Thanks Andy!
Richard McClarty , UK
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